"Camera Remote" App Concept Design

"Camera Remote" is an app for Fujifilm cameras that allows you remotely control photo and video shooting, to upload data to your smartphone in real time and share them. The App supports multiple cameras simultaneously and works over Wi-fi

Camera Remote App

The Live View section has been redesigned. Now it contains all the necessary information about the current state of the camera and looks compact and not overloaded

Live View
Live View
Live View

FujiFilm cameras are proud of their presets. Film preset switches look like on camera now. They emphasize their uniqueness

Fujifilm Presets

The usual aperture/exposure compensation/ISO controls in the form of lists and sliders have been replaced by new, more comfortable ones with larger control discs. The available values are immediately visible. They can be quickly switched with one hand

Fujifilm Camera Controls
Fujifilm Camera Controls

Photographing, importing, and sharing photos is one process

Camera settings and controls have also been redesigned and updated

Camera Remote
Add Fujifilm Camera
Cameras' Manager
Cameras' Manager
Settings Screen
Dark Keyboard
Disconnect Camera

iOS / Android, May 2019