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Sticker Set for LocalViking

The stickers were created to raise team spirit and entertain developers. Later they began to be used in merch, messengers and on the website.

Fiery Head

The first sticker. This is a kind of rebirth of the character. Version 2.0. That's why he's on fire. I wanted to make him more mature, to show his personality. He is not a Viking who smells of antiquity and blood. He is young, rich, can come to the meeting on a scooter. And when necessary, he will put on a business suit.

Fiery Head
Fucking Coronavirus!

Fucking Coronavirus!

It was created during the height of the pandemic, when everything was closed and people were already tired of sitting at home. We drew him in a suit and with a flamethrower to show how fucked up everything was, but didn 't dare to print it on T - shirts.

Zombie Viking

Classic Halloween sticker. We made two. The first one created the mood the day before, and the second one was released on the day of the holiday with the signature "Trick or treat?". One of the best stickers, in my opinion.

Zombie Viking Zombie Viking
Dancing Techno-Viking

Dancing Techno-Viking was drawn from a video. Before finding the right pose, we drew 4 variations.

Busy Viking

Viking Stickers
Viking Girl

Viking Girl

It was drawn to diversify plots and scenes. Sketched from one of my colleagues, from a manager named Olga. It turned out very well. Everything is hers, even the mask.

Viking Sticker

Lol Viking
Viking Halloween

The second sticker, which was drawn on the eve of Halloween.

Broken Helmet

In total, 30 stickers were drawn and about 50 sketches were made

Viking wallpaper Viking wallpaper
Viking wallpaper Viking wallpaper

Graphic design, February 2021
Illustrator — Viktor Sukhochev